Defcon Airsoft Chrono App

A totally free, fully functional Airsoft Chronograph for your Android mobile phone or tablet!

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The very best method of measuring an airsoft guns FPS without a physical chrono (although we do sell airsoft chronographs here!)

The Defcon Airsoft Chrono App for Android devices helps you check the power of your airsoft gun by calculating the speed of BBs over a given distance and displays the speed and power for you and averages it over the last few shots!

Defcon Airsoft Chrono App

Airsoft Chrono WaveformThe Chrono App works by listening to the sound of your airsoft gun shooting a BB over a specified distance so please measure the distance of the target carefully to get the best readings. It is best to do this in a quiet environment so the microphone on your device can pick up the sound of the BB.


For best results a metallic target works best (A metal baking tray is perfect although whoever does the cooking in your house may wonder why it looks like the surface of the moon when they come to use it…!)




When set up and configured correctly, Defcon Airsoft Chrono can be within a couple of feet per second of a real chronoscope device.

To Configure Your Airsoft Gun

Click the SETTINGS icon in the top right hand side of the menu bar:


You will then be able to calibrate the app to your weapon, ammo and environment:



As there are variables that are beyond our control you must not count on the Defcon Airsoft Chrono App as your sole technique of recording speed and power and must test the power of your weapon using a genuine chronoscope if in any doubt.