Community – Innovation – Excellence – These are the foundations on which the KRYTAC airsoft brand is built. The airsoft community is expanding every day, with new airsofters and new skirmish sites rapidly developing.

KRYTAC’s focus is to cultivate that community with innovative products that lay the foundation of quality and performance, to build shooting skills, and to evolve with the modern airsofter.

KRYTAC’s airsoft products represent the latest evolution in airsoft technology. Minute details have been considered during research and development to enhance product performance and give the best bang for your buck.

The KRYTAC brand name is derived from the legendary sea creature, The Kraken, which features in their logo. The Kraken was feared, and revered, for its power and dominance in the sea. No other creature could match The Kraken in strength and speed. The spirit of The Kraken lives on in KRYTAC.

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