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BB Guns & Safety

The Basics Shooting BB guns is a fun hobby which is perfectly safe so long as the basics are followed and common sense is used. Safety should always based on simple common sense and is always very logical, it requires you to think about what you’re doing and be aware of people and situations around …

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Marui G36c Barrel Upgrade

I purchased my first AEG which was a second hand G36c after my first Airsoft Skirmish in October last year. Although the gun was fantastic for CQB action I have found that longer ranges and accuracy were a little disappointing. However I was overall very pleased with the AEG, and if I could increase the …

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Airsoft Guns and Safety

Airsoft guns are great fun as a hobby and sport. They have a sense of realism and power that are sought after by the enthusiast. Just as important as getting the right guns and accessories is making sure you are protected. Most airsoft guns have a projectile velocity of over 300 feet per second and …

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Quick Intro

The sport of airsoft began in Japan where it is impossible to obtain real firearms. The guns and equipment replicate the real thing and are ideal for rein actors and simulation games. Airsoft is similar to paint ball except there is no mark left if you are hit. The game relies on an honour system …

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dEFCONAirsoft Visit UN Company

Defcon Airsoft Visit UN Company Our roving reporter Jimbo from the dEFCON team stops off at UN Company whilst on his world tour. Here is his report and some of the pictures he managed to snap whilst there. Thanks go to UN Company for being so welcoming.

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