Classic Army – G36K

Classic Army G36K – Is It A Good Platform For Adapting To Multiple Roles? Parts List: 1x CA 36K (no upgrade) 1x G&P G36 front-end w/bipod 1x Star flat rail scope mount 1x PDI outer barrel 1x King Arms adapter 1x King Arms MC51 flash-hider 1x Smokey’s cheek piece 1x Sanyo 9.6v 1500mah battery 2x …

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Jing Gong – AK-47 Beta F

Jing Gong – AK-47 Beta F I’ve always wanted an AK47S. An AK47S is suitable for use in urban and woodland…unfortunately the ACM manufacturers couldn’t provide me with an AK47S that I would be happy with (the only option was the CYMA unit and I wanted one with a TM compatible hop-up) at the time …

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ARMY – AK-47

ARMY – AK-47 Review   Ordering and Delivery: This will be my first ownership of an AK47 AEG. I have used them previously at skirmishes as mainly borrowed guns but never owned or had one in my hands for that long. However, in those short times I was impressed by the TM versions I had …

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Inokatsu – M60A1 & MK43

Inokatsu M60A1 (VN Model) & MK43 Here we take a look at the Inokatsu range of M60 AEG Support weapons. We spent about 5 hours there playing around with the M60A1 and the MK43, and below is a brief ‘review’ based on our findings. Because we had limited time and couldn’t take the guns away …

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G&G – UMG (or .45 UMP)

G&G UMG Review (or .45 UMP as we prefer to call it) After doing some research behind (also seeing and holding these first hand) both Stars’ and G&G’s version of the UMP 45 I decided to order the G&G one. I’ll start off with the reasons why. Stars’ manufacturing quality is of a high standard, …

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