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Bolle cobra glasses are ultra purpose glasses without visual interference and offering 180 degree panoramic visual field with perfect optical quality. These cobra glasses have foam comfort arms, which are interchangeable with an adjustable strap to add versatility. They have a non slip nose bridge. They are anti scratch, anti fog, ant static and clear lens.

Bolle products are distributed and worn all over the world. Bolle has developed particular strength in safety eye wear, sports speciality markets such as snow sports, golf, tennis and airsoft. All eyewear meets everyday needs, safety and style.

The eye protection satisfies the needs of the 89/686/CEE European Directive concerning the individual protection equipment as well as is made to the demands of the EN 166:2001 standard. The Bolle Safety brand is synonymous with high quality due to the global acknowledgment of its sports and safety glasses. The glasses withstand a steel ball’s impact which travels with the velocity of about 120m/s (393,5 FPS)

The glasses were described with the B safety factor and also the T thermal protection factor and the surface of its protective lenses was covered with an agent avoiding them from misting and also a special surface covering securing the lenses from scratches.

Anti-fog – the anti-fog layer enables to operate in ideal conditions by getting rid of the impacts of condensation which exists whenever the temperature level differences are high or throughout the wear of non-vented structures.

Anti-scratch – boosts the lenses’ longevity and also reduced the variety of scratches. It prolongs the life-span and boosts the individual or the convenience stopping it from square one which can negatively influence the vision.

The greatest comfort of use is ensured by the ergonomic structures which have high tech construction as well as the flexible safety band included in the package which also which permits to secure the glasses on the head.

The set consists of:

– the glasses.
– a safety cable.


This product is a product of the highest quality and durability tests passed appropriate for your class resistance . The manufacturer guarantees the impact resistance of solids in the range of resistance class , or obtained certificates. However, in the event of an inadequate fit with the goods , the use of this protection does not preclude the creation of injury, for example by falling ball under the protective glass by ricochets . Therefore, before use, it is recommended to protect your eyes adjust to individual needs. The protective properties of the product may also change as a result of improper use and maintenance of this product , eg . By cleaning the panes inadequate preparations . Seller shall not be liable for any injuries resulting from improper alignment and use of this product .

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