Cybergun AK47 Beta Spetsnaz AEG with Battery & Charger


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Cybergun AK47 Beta Spetsnaz AEG with Battery & Charger

The legendary AK47 is the world’s most manufactured assault rifle. Designed by Mr. Kalashnikov over 70 years ago which doesnot show because age does not press this classic. Although time has shaped AK47 into a cult product that is visible and continues to function today in conflicts around the globe as well as in the entertainment industry.

Kalashnikov’s licensing with genuine labels and logos makes the Cybergun AK47 Beta an excellent choice for beginners and more experienced players out there. The barrel, dust cover, sights and small parts are metal as in the real AK47. The black handguard and stock are made out of durable plastic polymer. Under the handguard there is a rail for accessories. The stock can accommodate a bigger battery. There are standard -14mm threads under the flash suppressor for your silencer needs.

A short and handy AK Beta is for a player looking for AK74U-style compact gun in an elegant black color. Unlike the picture, the packaged magazines are a newer model with 550rd hicap

Cybergun’s AK-series weapons are highly reliable airsoft weapons that have been sold more than any other AEG in Finland over the years. The package includes 550rd hicap magazine, battery and charger.

Black colour
WEIGHT: 2,350 kg
LENGTH: 71 cm
LOADER: 550 Pellets
HIT: Single / Burst
GEARS: Metal
POWER: 350-370 FPS (approx)

Original Logos
Sled under the barrel for accessories
Adjustable Hop-Up

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