Dynatex 6209 Multishot Blank Firing Impact Grenade

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The awesome DYNATEX family has been busy during Lockdown spawning a new breed of multi-shot grenade built to the same quality and reliability that we have all come to love from the OG  tried and tested impact and timed grenades.

The grenade itself has been designed to offer six continuous grenade throws to keep you in the game for longer.

The Grenade includes a security pin to prevent accidental detonating when held in pockets and pouches, and the grenade is ultra simple to use – The primer chamber is manually rotated to the next shot  by unscrewing the base ring a couple of times, pulling down the chamber, rotating it and then it locks into place, then you just tighten the base ring and it’s ready to unleash Armageddon.


Made from  Steel and Alloy, these awesome pieces of kit do what they say on the tin, they go the first time EVERY time.

Pull Pin Safety
Takes .209 shotgun primers.


Fiocchi 209 615 6MM Primers (Box of 100)

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