Full Metal PDW Personal Defence Weapon

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Full Metal

Battery & Charger Included

This is a top quality gun at an amazing price – The GFG40 PDW Assault Rifle is an awesome looking full metal weapon, the whole front end has been customised and is the perfect tool to help you dominate any CQB skirmish.  The weapon is really well built and durable, constructed mainly from steel with great attention to detail and precision finish.


Made from aluminium and ABS polymer. The upper part of the body is CNC machined along with a mounting rail.  The lower part of the body is also made from aluminium.

Elements that define this design amongst other PDW replicas (Personal Defence Weapon– carbines/submachine guns in shortest, most compact variations for helicopter and tank teams, drivers as a sidearm, capable of full-auto fire) are the size, weight and most of all universal usage for both left and right-handed users. The weapon showcases a double sided fire mode selector, which enables change of fire mode with a thumb or forefinger of either hand. It likewise has a “multi magazine catch”– a double sided magazine release button.

The replica features a retractable stock, which further decreases the size of the weapon to a minimum (440mm). The leading mounting rail has flip-up iron sights.

The magazine included in the set is made from ABS and steel. It is extremely narrow and lightweight, because in fact it is a magazine that holds 6x35mm rounds. The replica is also suitable with standard M4/M16 mags.

The included battery is kept inside the laser sight replica. The laser sight module is installed on a RIS rail.


The body, stock pipe, outer barrel, heat cover, iron sights and small elements such as the trigger, magazine release button & fire mode selector are all made from metal. The profiled pistol grip is made from high grade polymer.

The gun features a top 22mm RIS rail and a set of front RIS rails as well as a retractable stock. The leading rail has flip-up iron sights, which can be easily removed in order to mount optoelectronic sights.

Included is a mini steel hi-cap magazine, with a capacity of up to 250 BBs.

Reinforced TORQUE-UP gears, metal spring slide, reinforced gearbox and reinforced piston with metal teeth increase the longevity of the gun. The motor with increased torque together with low resistance wires provide increased efficiency.

Inside, the gun is equipped with a resilient and well known V. 3 gearbox which guarantees long and troublefree operation. An adjustable hop-up system is also installed. The strengthened TORQUE-UP thread-wheels, the metal spring guide, the strengthened gearbox frame and the enhanced piston increase the replica’s life expectancy while the high torque motor combined with the low-resistance circuitry substantially enhance the performance of the replica.

Metal ball bearings, a ball bearing piston head as well as a ball bearing positioned in the motor thread-wheel were used in this construction.


The set includes:

– GFG40 PDW Assault Rifle

– A steel magazine

– Iron sights

– Battery

– Charger

– BBs

-A barrel extension

-Dummy PEQ box (for battery)

Velocity [FPS]:
Gearbox version:
v3 Gearbox
Type of fire:
Single, auto
Length [mm]:
Weight [g]:
Magazine type:
Hi-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]:
Yes, adjustable
Blow Back:
Made of:
Metal + plastic
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