Specna Arms M4 SA-B01 carbine replica AEG

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The Specna Arms brand SA-B01 carbine duplicate made mostly of a homogenous blend of zinc as well as aluminum with the use of steel components in the most neuralgic issues of the replica (the screws, the pins as well as the tactical sling attachment factors are made of steel ). The replica’s body, the RIS rail set were a subject to the procedure of anodizing that guaranties a high level of safeguarding the duplicate versus corrosion. The paintjob of the replica itself was made utilizing the pulverization method after a previous sandblasting of the reproduction’s body.

The duplicate was matched effectively– in a manner that it was formerly evident only in the G&P or Classic Army replicas. It was also perfectly balanced. This ensures the best ability to manoeuvre the reproduction as its weight is nearly not felt when you put the replica on the shoulder.

The reproduction utilizes a fast primary spring exchange system, the Enter & Convert system. This enables a proficient and fast adjustment of the replica’s power to the problems of the combat zone without the need of having access to a workshop or a selection of professional tools– when you take the gearbox out the guns physical body, the process of exchanging the major spring takes essentially seconds.

The advantages of the Enter & Convert hvac system are hard to overestimate. In the light of the regulations alreadying existing in Europe and which limit the muzzle velocity of the gun and also the facilities inside the airsoft culture, this hvac system guarantees the user wonderful opportunities and even more freedom. The Enter & Convert system enables to change the primary springtime in just a little amount of time, and also adapt the muzzle speed of the replica to the battlefield so it guaranties an ideal compromise in between efficiency of firing as well as the security of your own as well as other gamers.

The replica works with LiPo and LiFe type electric batteries. Thanks to the standard muzzle velocity of 340 FPS which is guaranteed by the default primary spring, the replica is perfect to be used in mid ranges. The set likewise includes an M90 main spring which reduces the muzzle velocity to about 310 FPS making the gun flawlessly adjusted for short wide range procedures or fighting inside structures.

The gearbox which is reinforced on the elevation of the cyndrical tube’s head conceals a steel major spring guide which is the aspect of the Enter & Convert system as well as 8mm sphere bearings and also steel thread-wheels which are positioned on spacers. The system is secured with the use of four anti-reversals. The light, polycarbonate piston is outfitted with a steel tooth in order to raise its durability. There is a 2 cyndrical tube as well as the steel breaker and a metal hop-up chamber used in this replica.

The reproduction is geared up with a top 22mm RIS rail, a collection of front 22mm RIS rails as well as an adjustable stock. The leading RIS rail holds the flip-up kind iron intending views which could be conveniently removed and changed with any kind of optical-electronic aiming tools. Thanks to the collapsible stock which is ended with a anti-skid stock’s foot, it is possible to adapt the replica’s size to the preferences of the shooter. The default muzzle flash-hider is positioned on a 14mm counter-clockwise string what allows the attachment of a sound suppressor in its area.

In order to raise the realism level, the replica was outfitted with a functional bolt catch bar.
The gun likewise includes a steel hi-cap mag which holds 300 BB pellets.


The set includes:
– the replica,
– a magazine,
– the iron aiming sights,
– an additional main spring,
– a battery,
– a charger


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