Umarex Heckler & Koch G36CV Electric Blowback Rifle

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We love this gun – Umarex has taken their renowned G36C and improved on an already brilliant weapon!

Loaded with functionality and built like no other G36 that we’ve seen. This high value airsoft reproduction of H&K’s popular G36 is as close as you can obtain to the actual real steel weapon. The polymer used to develop the exterior is fantastic, a perfect aesthetic match to H&K’s design.

The barrel and charging handle are constructed of steel, much like the genuine gun. Upon firing the dust cover slides back and forward to copy the moving activity on the genuine gun to chamber the following round. This gun also comes apart like the actual H&K G36. Simply remove the body pins and you can have the whole gun apart in a matter of seconds.

A fully accredited Heckler & Koch reproduction – Accept no substitutes. The electric blowback mechanism is by far the most smooth and snappy that we have ever experienced. Although the amount of true recoil is lower than a real gun because the bolt is so light, it still lends a nice amount of speed as well as sharpness to the blowback. Other than the blowback the remainder of the rifle is everything you’d expect, the workmanship inside and on the surface is outstanding, the CV stock is modifiable as well as folds round sideways when not in usage. The gearbox and parts are the very best that they’ve built, H&K would accept nothing less of their airgun replicas.

The trigger is an actual switch, in contrast to the typical contact style operation. This provide the trigger response a sharp, dependable feel and helps the gearbox remain in tip top form. Full steel gearbox’s and mechanical components of very premium quality combined with a well made G36 hop unit enhance the performance further. There is no movement in any one of the components like older G36 styles and the components and materials used are extremely strong. Internally they are very much improved, the gearbox and also components are the very best that they’ve built, H&K would certainly accept nothing less of their airgun reproductions.

Disassembly is easy as the only thing needed is the extraction of the body pins and barrel nut and also the weapon disassembles in moments. This is great as they all include the quick springtime adjustment system. The FPS on this gun can be transformed immediately by exchanging the spring.

There is an included detachable grip handle and also a retractable folding stock and hi-cap 400 round magazine. An synthetic/polymer fiber body as well as complete steel gears/gearbox enhance the realism of this weapon. H&K’s branding features prominently on this weapon, increasing authenticity and realistic looks.

The weapon accepts either 7.4 lipo batteries or the twin leg nunchuk 8.4 v mini battery (not included).