Cybergun SA Navy XXL X-Five CO2 Pistol


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Cybergun SA Navy XXL X-Five CO2 Pistol

Solid , Reliable full metal replica of the police and army pistol, here in the Swiss Arms Navy Pistol X-Five Edition with semi-automatic shooting mode and powerful CO2 blow back action. The replica by Cybergun / KWC has the Swiss Arms Marking on this due to the existing license.

Like the original pistol, the replica is particularly heavy at over 1,100 grams. The adjustable  hop-up system gives the ball a precise trajectory. On the underside of the metal frame there is an approx. 4.5 cm long 22mm rail for various accessories.

The Swiss Arms Airsoft replica has a strong and durable CO2 blowback system. In this model, the 12g CO2 capsule is inserted in the removable magazine, which means that it can be changed quickly. The magazine accommodates the CO2 capsule and up to 24 6mm BB balls.

The X-Five variant with CO2 system is made entirely of metal and all components are particularly well made. The pistol has the proven Spin-Up system for an almost perfect firing pattern.

The heavy weight and repeater trolley convey a real shooting experience. Under the barrel is a 22mm rail (also known as Stanag2324, mil-std 1913, weaver or picatinny) which allows for the installation of tactical lighting or a laser sight.



  • Replica SA NAVY XXL pistol
  • Heavy metal finish
  • Ergonomic and grip butt for comfort and handling
  • Mobile breech with Blow Back system
  • BAX® shooting system
  • Semi-automatic shooting mode


  • Calibre: 6 mm
  • Magazine capacity: 27 pellets
  • Propulsion: CO² Powered (12g capsule)
  • Butt: grip and ergonomic
  • Blow Back: yes
  • Velocity: approx 350-400 FPS
  • Shooting system: BAX®
  • Shooting mode: semi-automatic
  • Length: 225 mm
  • Weight: 1137 g


  • Body: metal
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