6mm BB's (pellets)

Airsoft BB’s & Ammo
The most popular choice in airsoft ammo is the 6MM BB. Spherical, and available in many different colors, this is a good choice for airsoft fans everywhere. When using electric airsoft pistols and gas airsoft pistols, the need for the bulk lots of airsoft ammo becomes very important.

6mm BB's (pellets)
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Airsoft ammo comes in varying weights. .12-gram BBs are not suitable for the airsoft rifles we sell, they shoot at low velocity with poor accuracy, you shouldn’t use these in expensive guns because they’ll void the warranty.  For quality rifles and pistols .20-gram BBs are standard, and .25-gram BBs provide great accuracy at shorter ranges.  The higher the weight, the less likely the projectile is impacted by sidewinds. For use in sniper rifles we recommend weightsa of 0.40g and above.