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Airsoft Gun Technical Department

Airsoft Gun Repairs, Service & Upgrades
Here at Defcon Airsoft we believe in bringing you a reliable and hassle free way to not only purchase new airsoft guns and gear, but also to get your guns upgraded, repaired, serviced or even downgraded if the FPS is too high and they are ‘shooting too hot’.

This service is available on all weapons for sale on our site as well as for any existing guns you have that might be in need of a little TLC.

Are you looking to customise your airsoft gun? No problem whether you want a top of the range gearbox fitting or want the whole gun re-painted to colours of your own choice everything is possible. The prices are extremely reasonable:

  • FPS Downgrades – £55* –  CLICK HERE
  • Repairs/Service/Upgrades – Fixed price service charge of just £55* plus the cost of parts on top.
  • Two Tone Service – CLICK HERE
  • Deans Conversion Service – CLICK HERE

*Prices do not include insured courier delivery – if you are local you can drop your gun off and collect it in person from the workshop for no extra charge or you can send it to us via insured courier and we will post it back to you with our fully insured courier service for a set fee of £10. FPS downgrade prices quoted are for electric guns, for gas weapons prices may vary.

Our gun techs pride themselves by offering the quickest turnaround on service and repairs while letting you know every step of your service and repair. Whether you are looking to buy a high quality refurbished airsoft gun or looking to get some parts for your gun they offer it all.

FPS Downgrades

The team can change springs in all airsoft weapons such as AEG’s, EBB’s & Bolt action sniper rifles.

Each weapon is chrono checked to guarantee we have your weapon shooting at the correct FPS (feet per second)


If you are looking for your gun to be tailored to your exact requirements you are in the right place, whether it be a custom paint job, rifle hydrodipping or building a weapon from the ground up to your exact specifications.

Simply drop us a line using the contact form below to discuss your requirements in more detail.


We provide fast and economical airsoft gun repairs for most types of airsoft weapons from handguns, shotguns and attack rifles to sniper rifles and support weapons (electric, springer and gas guns).

Gearbox Faults.

One of the main issues players experience with AEGs is the internal gearbox faults caused by sheered gears, damaged pistons, faulty spring guides and broken tappet plates.

We can supply and install the parts needed to get your gun working properly again. Alternatively, if the internals are beyond economical repair we can fit a brand-new gearbox that will be perfectly matched to your weapon.


Just like your car, an airsoft gun needs regular servicing to keep it performing at its best and help to avoid more expensive failures further down the line.

Each airsoft gun service is performed by experienced service technicians making use of the very best devices and high quality parts.


Airsoft Bushing Replacements.
Some airsoft weapons come with nylon or plastic bushings in the gearbox, these are normally sufficient for use at lower FPS’s and with regular motors and batteries. When upgrading the spring in a weapon or when you update the motor or gearbox, it’s a good idea to replace the stock bushing for high quality metal bushings. This helps increase the efficiency of the weapon aswell and helping to enhance the life expectancy of you updated weapon.

We can offer this service on a lot of makes and designs of AEG’s and EBB’s, each repair service is thoroughly checked prior to leaving the workshop to guarantee that everything is installed and working properly.

Airsoft Barrel and Hop-up.

Another upgrade to improve the precision and range of your weapon is to install a new hop rubber and a tighbore barrel. This assists the air flow of the weapon boosting its range and power.

For more info on the range of services provided please contact us and one of the team will contact you back ASAP: