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Packing Your Rucksack

Written by S.R. Heaword of Crib Gogh Ltd

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Before you pack your rucksack for your expedition you first need to make sure that your rucksack is the right one for the job and then that it fits you correctly. Continue reading Packing Your Rucksack

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Roles of an Airsoft Sniper

Airsoft Sniper

Airsoft Sniping is an acquired taste within the skirmish field, many people try it and find out it is not for them, subsequently selling on all of the specialist gear shortly afterwards. There are usually comparatively low “kill counts”, very few shots fired, and should you end up in a firefight, you are likely to be at a distinct disadvantage. That short warning out of the way however, you don’t know if its for you until you try it, do you!? Continue reading Roles of an Airsoft Sniper

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Pyrotechnics are a Blast!

Pyrotechnics are available in thousands of designs and serve many different purposes. For Airsoft however, we are mainly concerned with hand thrown devices which mimic the various types of military hand grenade that is in use today. By thrown we mean placed on the floor and a calm retreat made, they are fireworks, after all! (Yeah, right!) Continue reading Pyrotechnics are a Blast!

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Choosing an Airsoft Gun


One of the questions most commonly asked by people new to airsoft is, “What airsoft gun should I get?“. The question arises because it’s assumed that airsoft guns have distinct performance differences, just as the equivalent real steel guns have. Everybody wants the longest range, the best accuracy, etc, and there must be one or two guns out there that outperform the rest, right? Continue reading Choosing an Airsoft Gun

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Airsoft Infographic


A guide to airsoft guns, rifles and pistols describing gas and electric variants. A brief history of Airsoft starting from its origins in Hong Kong in the late 1970’s through to its worldwide popularity in the present day. Only 4% of airsoft players are female – come on girls – bomb up and join in the fun! Popular airsoft games including ‘king of the hill’ and the classic ‘capture the flag’. Continue reading Airsoft Infographic