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How to Mount an Airsoft Ambush

The article talks about about how to organise your Airsoft team for an ambush, scouting locations for a perfect ambush, and the different types of ambushes. It’s a great read, and will help your team get ready for your Airsoft skirmishes.

Airsoft Sniper Guide

Defcon Airsoft Sniper Guide

So you’ve watched all of Novritsch’s videos on YouTube and have got the sniper bug. Here you’ll find all kinds of helpful information that will hopefully help you become an even better airsoft sniper.

Airsoft Sniper

Roles of an Airsoft Sniper

There are many essential roles for an airsoft sniper to play – in this article we discuss the various situations you may find yourself in.

Packing Your Rucksack

Before you pack your rucksack for your expedition you first need to make sure that your rucksack is the right one for the job and then that it fits you correctly.


Assault Tactics

You all understand the basic principle of Airsoft. Two opposing forces in the field, you shoot the man on the other team, he falls down, Bob’s your uncle. Simple? Well… yes.

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