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Are you ready to unleash your inner samurai and slash through prices like a seasoned sword master? Defcon Airsoft is here to arm you with unbeatable deals and exciting new arrivals that’ll have you shouting “Banzai!”

🗡️ KWA Katanas of Savings – Slash Your Way to Victory! 🗡️


  1. KWA Ronin RM4 Q10 EBB AEG
    • RRP £469.99
    • SALE PRICE £414.99
    • 💰 SAVE £55
  1. KWA Lithgow Arms Licensed F90 GBBR
    • RRP £549.99
    • SALE PRICE £499.99
    • 💰 SAVE £50


  1. KWA Originals: IRIS-4
    • RRP £269.99
    • SALE PRICE £239.99
    • 💰 SAVE £30
  1. KWA Originals: RAINE-4
    • RRP £269.99
    • SALE PRICE £239.99
    • 💰 SAVE £30
  1. KWA Originals: SCARLETT-47
    • RRP £269.99
    • SALE PRICE £239.99
    • 💰 SAVE £30

KWA is a renowned Taiwanese company that has been a prominent player in the airsoft industry since its inception in the early 1990s. The company initially focused on manufacturing precision metal parts for various industries. However, recognizing the growing popularity of airsoft, KWA transitioned its expertise towards producing high-quality airsoft guns.

In the early years, KWA primarily manufactured gas blowback pistols, quickly gaining recognition for their exceptional performance, durability, and attention to detail. As the airsoft market expanded, KWA expanded its product line to include a diverse range of gas blowback pistols, rifles, and electric guns (AEGs).

One of KWA’s breakthroughs came with the development of the NS2 (New Structure 2) gas system, which significantly enhanced gas efficiency, consistency, and reliability in their gas blowback pistols and rifles. This innovation solidified KWA’s reputation for producing some of the most reliable and realistic gas blowback guns in the industry.

Over the years, KWA continued to innovate, introducing features such as adjustable FPS (feet per second), recoil systems, and electronic triggers, further elevating the performance and realism of their airsoft guns. Additionally, KWA’s partnerships with renowned firearm manufacturers, such as Heckler & Koch and Colt, led to the production of officially licensed replicas highly sought after by airsoft enthusiasts.

Today, KWA remains at the forefront of the airsoft industry, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and authenticity. Whether it’s their gas blowback pistols, rifles, or AEGs, KWA continues to set the standard for realism and performance, earning the trust and loyalty of airsoft players worldwide.


The EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 Gas Blowback M4 – An MWS on a budget!💥

But wait, there’s more! Don’t miss out on the EMG Helios Noveske N4 MWS Gen 3 Gas Blowback M4 for an incredible price of just £349.99! That’s right, top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

When it comes to real steel, the term NOVESKE stands for reliability and accuracy. Everything from full builds to individual components and accessories is made to order and rigorously tested and inspected to guarantee the finest quality.

Every design is based on the idea that simplicity, precision, and attention to detail are an unbeatable combination. Improvements are made where they are needed, but the overall design remains plain and simple. Recently, Navy SEALs and SWCC have been seen using Noveske during training drills.

Features: Utilises a replica of the Tokyo Marui MWS gas blowback system ensuring reliable performance with a plethora of aftermarket parts and accessories. Heavy-duty metal upper and lower receiver with deeply engraved licensed Noveske roll marks.10.5″ outer barrel w/aluminium railed M-LOK compatible handguard with mounting points on the 3 O’Clock, 6 O’Clock, and 9 O’Clock positions. The flat-top receiver is ideal for mounting optics or other 20mm accessories. Tokyo Marui MWS System w/ improved gas efficiency and durability. Magazine Capacity: 35 Rounds (Tokyo Marui ZET Compatible Magazines).

Also we have personally checked the compatibility of the EMG mags with the TM MWS GBBR….They work great!