Marui – SR16

Marui SR-16 – Review. The M16 series is probably the most famous rifle/s in the world. The first model being adopted by armed forces in 1964, its gone from strength to strength with its constant improvements and modifications. When first used in combat during the Vietnam war, soldiers had little faith in the weapon – …

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Tokyo Marui – Hi-Capa 5.1

Tokyo Marui – Hi-Capa 5.1 Gas Blowback The Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 was their first Colt 1911 Gas Blowback clone bought into the UK market in the early part of 2005. It was met with mixed reviews as Western Arms already dominated the scene with their 1911 clones, which are considered to be amongst the …

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Tokyo Marui – Glock 26

Tokyo Marui Glock 26 – Review. Glock, the famous Austrian fire-arms manufacturer produces a number of different weapons, all of which are well known, to both the serious shooter, and the airsofter. Glock have decided to concentrate on the Pistol market, rather than invest money into Sub-machine gun production, although they do produce a full …

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Tokyo Marui – M14 (OD Stock)

Tokyo Marui – M14 OD Stock Review The M14 rifle was first developed in 1954 in a long line of experimental rifles designed to superceed the M1 Garrand. It was the initial idea to find a rifle that had the accuracy, robustness and stopping power of the M1 Garrand, coupled with the fully automatic capabilities …

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Tokyo Marui – M16VN

Tokyo Marui – M16 VN Review Introduction: The Colt M16 rifle was first introduced in the Vietnam War as a more compact and modern battle-effective replacement for the M14 rifle. It started out as the XM16E1; which was the prototype designation (hence the “X”). The first M16 lacked a forward assist and had a slightly …

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Marui – MP5-SD5

Tokyo Marui – MP5-SD5 Review The MP5, designed by Heckler and Koch, was first conceived in 1966, originally designated as the HK54 by the company (HK being Hecker and Koch, 5 meaning ‘submachine gun and the 4 indicating chambered for 9mm). The original design concept was for a compact, accurate and reliable sub-machine gun that …

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Marui – Glock 18C AEP

Tokyo Marui Glock 18c AEP There has been something of a revolution recently in the Airsoft pistol market, with Marui releasing a product we would have never thought possible a few years ago, the Micro AEG or AEP as they’re calling it. In essence these nifty tiny automatic weapons utilise the same firing principle as …

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Marui – MC51

Marui MC51 – Review. The Heckler and Koch MC51 is certainly a very menacing looking fire-arm. I don’t whether its the aggressive looking flash eliminator, or the very capable looking 500 rnd box magazine – but this gun gleams with features to put fear into the enemy. Its like an MP5 but meaner… A true …

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