Everblast M87LA Law Enforcement Shotgun

When it comes to Airsoft guns, it can be hard to decide which type of gun will suit your playing style. Whether it will be used in competition or for recreational activities plays a huge factor in deciding what to purchase and can be a bit over-whelming. Where to purchase your Airsoft weapon and gear doesn’t have to be.
dEFCON Airsoft has a huge selection of guns and accessories that makes the most indecisive person a surefire on the exact product they need to purchase. This website contains hundreds of Airsoft guns ranging from semi-automatic pistols to sniper rifles.
One of the fine products offered through this website is the Everblast M87LA Law Enforcement Shotgun. For an amazingly low price, this high performance shotgun, which is a mirror image to actual law enforcement shotguns, should be added to a serious competitor’s arsenal.
At 4.25 pounds, with a length of 31 inches, this heavy-duty piece of equipment is sure to fire with incredible accuracy.

It is size and carry strap, which is included with purchase, allows for this gun to be handled with ease during intense competition or recreational activities. The Everblast M87LA Law Enforcement Shotgun comes in a matte black finish giving it a realistic look.


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