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Airsoft vs Paintball – Let Battle Commence!

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When I was younger, I spent a bit of time playing with Super Soakers and other water pistols, and as soon as I grew old enough to have the money and the transportation I branched out into paintball.

I’ve always been very fond of shooting-related sports, and when one of my paintball friends suggested I try Airsoft as well, I gave it a try. Now it is my favourite shooting-related sport, and I never play Paintball anymore. Continue reading Airsoft vs Paintball – Let Battle Commence!

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Airsoft – A Dummies Guide

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UK Airsoft

Airsoft is the name giving to a type of simulated combat similar to paintball. Using compressed air (air guns) guns that fire plastic ball bearings, players on opposing sides battle it out in war scenarios at registered airsoft skirmish sites generally located out in the countryside or in old buildings that have been specifically adapted and insured for the purpose. Continue reading Airsoft – A Dummies Guide

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Airsoft Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)


Airsoft automatic electric guns, or AEGs, are some of the most popular airsoft guns on the market today. These typically use a rechargeable battery to launch the BBs in an automatic or semi-automatic fashion. They can fire between 100 and 2000 rounds per minute. For this very reason, they are the most popular airsoft guns.
Continue reading Airsoft Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs)

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Airsoft Pistols: Great Guns in Small Packages


If you are looking for the smallest, lightest, and most economical airsoft guns, a pistol may be the perfect solution. With the precision and functionality of a full sized airsoft rifle in a portable size that fits perfectly in your hand, pistols are a great option for people who like to pack light. Continue reading Airsoft Pistols: Great Guns in Small Packages

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Airsoft Described


Airsoft is a type of combat sport we enjoy today. To some people like me, it is also a recreational hobby. Participants in the game get the feel of the ‘actor’ in the ‘action’ movie when they eliminate their opponents with spherical non-metallic pellets from compressed-air guns. These guns may be powered by gas, spring-loaded manually, or electrically powered. Continue reading Airsoft Described