Airsoft Gun & Rifle Hydro Dipping


Give your airsoft gun or sniper rifle a fantastic Hydro-Dipped finish for a cool, customised appearance. Please contact us to discuss and arrange your order. Turnaround time is generally 5-7 days plus postage times but it may be possible to agree earlier turnaround times so please feel free to ask.

The design options are virtually endless – the full range of graphics can be found HERE.  We are able to dip many different types of airsoft gun or rifle as well as accessories, please get in touch for more info.

Our Latest Commission – The Grim Reaper Sniper!

Hydro-Dipping-Sniper-5 Hydro-Dipping-Sniper-4 Hydro-Dipping-Sniper-3 Hydro-Dipping-Sniper-2 Hydro-Dipping-Sniper-1 Hydro-Dipping-Sniper-6

Example Gun & Rifle Hydro Dipping Prices

Complete Airsoft rifles – £120
Sniper Rifle stocks – £60
Assault Rifle stocks – £40
Pistols – £50
Scopes – £40
Silencers – £30
Masks & Helmets from – £25

Note – all prices are guides and based on new items with limited preparation required. Items that require additional preparation will be priced accordingly.

What is Hydro Dipping?


Hydro Dipping (also known as Hydro Printing or Hydro Graphics) is a very popular and far cheaper alternative to airbrushing which creates a truly flawless image.

During the process, a layer of graphics are applied over the existing finish of any hard plastic, or metal surface. It results in an automotive quality paint-like finish.

This process starts with a coloured base coat and is finished with a durable clear coat just like your car’s durable finish. The only difference being that the final clear coat can be a high gloss finish or a matte/flat coat, both of which are protective and very durable.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle Hydro Dipping