Earmore M32 Communication Headset with Hearing Protector (Tan)

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Earmore M32 Communication Headset with Hearing Protector (Tan)

The Tactical version of the Earmor Electronic Hearing Protection Muff in black comes with a left or right position flexible boom mic for crisp clear comms and is fitted with a Nexus TP-120 plug for PTT (Push To Talk) adapter (sold separately) to fit with your chosen radio handset.

Powered by x2 AAA batteries (not included) this excellent headset can last up to 350 hours and features a 4 hour auto shut off if it’s not being used, helping to preserve your batteries.

Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time can cause permanent hearing loss, this headset is designed to prevent the wearer from permanent damage.

On the airsoft battlefield re-usuable training grenades and pyro can cause hearing damage, this comfortable headset can compress harmful noises up to 82 dBA without dampening all the sounds in the environment.

Built-in to the headset are stereo microphones, which amplifies surrounding noise like voices, machines and warning signals whilst loud impulse sounds are effectively blocked out. This is also beneficial if you wear a mesh lower face mask which may not be comfortable or practical with similar style headsets that may have a boom mic, just remember to speak clearly as snoods or mesh may muffle your voice.

Earmor Hearing Protection Ear muffs are also water proof in accordance with IPX-5. The padded ear cups fold into the adjustable head band for compact storage.

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