E&C Airsoft JW2 TTI 9” Full Metal


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E&C Airsoft John Wick 2 TTI 9” Full Metal

Yet another stunning replica from E&C. A great mid sized rifle for both indoor and outdoor use.

E&C Airsoft is a well established brand in many countries around the world all of their rifles offer an attractive price with no compromise in features and quality. All of our E&C rifles are great value but also great performing straight out of the box. They also include E&C’s unique quick change spring system to tune your rifle to the exact fps you require without having to strip the gun down completely.

  • E&C This model has a shorter front of the John Wick TTI AR-15 Electric Gun, which features M4 Custom motif from the action film John Wick: Chapter 2, has been designed to improve handling.
  • Each receiver uses the “VLTRO MUR-1 upper receiver” and “Taran Tactical TR-1 lower receiver”.
  • The hand guard is equipped with a reproduced “BCM KMR” Keymod Hand Guard” which is a tactical and well-balanced construction.
  • Total Length: Approx. 27.6 – 30.7 inches (700 – 780 mm); Weight: Approx. 7.6 oz (2,480 g);
  • Muzzle Velocity 330-340 FPS (approx)


PLEASE NOTE: The use of an 11.1v or higher battery will void any warranty unless it is specified as our recommended battery for that particular AEG. Most quality airsoft guns do not come supplied with a battery or a charger.  On the rare occasion that they do have them included this is specifically mentioned in the product listing.   If they are included they are considered free gifts supplied by the manufacturer and cannot be returned if faulty. We recommend that when purchasing an airsoft gun you also purchase a new quality battery and charger for maximum reliability.

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Win an EC18c Gen 4 Full Auto GBB Pistol!  The 18c is one of the most popular pistols on the market today.  This full metal, full-auto EC18 Gen 4 gas blowback pistol features sharp, crisp recoil and is extremely accurate.  With the option to switch to full auto when it’s really needed makes this one of the most fun pistols to use in an airsoft battle!