Tokyo Marui PSG-1 AEG Blow Back Sniper Rifle With Scope

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The ultimate sniper rifle, the PSG-1 fires in single shot mode with a bolt assembly that blows back on each shot and contributes to realism.

The PSG-1 is a little different than the other AEGs by Marui – the spring is fully compressed and ready to fire even before you pull the trigger, unlike other AEGs that compress the spring and fire the BB in one action after you pull the trigger, This adds to even greater realism since there is no delay.

Product Information –

The Tokyo Marui – PSG-1 Which is based on the real world version which is activly used by military and police around the world.  Tokyo marui has done an amazing job replicating this gun and has created a very unique AEG.

About the real gun: Designed primarily for police use, the Präsisionsschützengewehr 1 PSG1 (Präzisions Schützen-Gewehr, German for “precision shooting rifle”) impresses in real life with its perfect combination of accuracy and firepower. With its operating range of 100 – 600 m, it is the first choice for many special police forces.

The PSG-1 is one of the most iconic and recognisable sniper rifles featuring in countless video games such as Call Of Duty Black Ops and Metal Gear Solid for more than a decade. This rifle is sure to take you back to childhood running around pretending to be Snake avoiding enemies and silently taking them out from a distance.

Major Features –

– Dedicated mechanism: For the PSG – 1, we developed a mechanical box dedicated to semi – auto. You can quickly communicate the reaction of the trigger to the actuating part and perform snippings with less time lag.

– Various adjustment functions to support the aim: Stocks are equipped with a cheekpiece that can adjust the height of the cropped position and a butt plate that can extend to a position easy to hold. Moreover, by adjusting the hand rest and trigger shoe, gripping according to the size of the hand and the length of the finger is enabled.

– A dedicated scope is standard equipment. Equipped with a scope (4 × 40 times) that can adjust the reticle (crosshair for aiming) horizontally and vertically. The front of the scope adopts a hard coating / polycarbonate filter to prevent damage due to BB bullets, and it is suitable for game and sniping at long distances.

– Easy hop adjustment: When pulling the cocking lever on the hand guard, the ej ection port on the right side is opened. You can adjust the hop depth simply by turning the dial in the port.

– Realistic magazine of press finishing: A magazine of short size which adopted the outer case made of the same steel handle as the real thing, 15 shots can be launched up to the last one shot.


1/1 Scale Ultimate Airsoft Sniper Rifle by Tokyo Marui
Bolt assembly blows back on each shot
Spring compressed and ready to shoot, decrease the time from pulling trigger to actual fire
Come with High Quality TASCO 4×40 Rifle Scope
Fully adjustable sniper stock with cheek piece
Functioning Charging Handle
Readily to be upgraded to extremely powerful muzzle power
Utilize 6mm Plastic Bullet, this rifle give you a supreme accuracy on the target
Built-In quick release ball-joint type bipod receptor allow quick attach/detach of bipod


Marui PSG1
Gear Box – Version 4 (v4)
Motor – EG700
Magazine – 15 Rounds
Length – 1220mm
Height – 275mm
Weight – 4300g
Accuracy – 82mm ( 20M )
Battery – Mini (Type 05) (Type 03) ( Not Include )
Package includes ( AEG, Manual, Magazine, Loader, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.25 BBs, Tasco 4 x 40 Scope Standard )

Please be aware that this product no longer contains original manufacturer trade marks.


Please be aware that this product does not come with original manufacturer trade marks. These are removed by the supplier before import into the UK. 

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