Tokyo Marui Scorpion VZ61

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Tokyo Marui Scorpion VZ61

Airsoft AEP Vz61 Scorpion Machine Pistol by Tokyo Marui.
Vz.61 is a compact sub machine gun of Czechoslovakia, renowned as a military industrialised country. A distinctive folding stock used to extend a half circle above the body is likened to the scorpion which raises the tail, and it is still nicknamed “Scorpion” and is still deeply endorsed.
The electric compact machine gun “Scorpion Vz. 61” adopts MP7A1’s compact mechanical box. It not only has sufficient performance as a main weapon even though it is a compact size, it has become a model that can realise the goodness of gun handling called Scorpion.

Length: 270 mm, 522 mm
Weight: 1.1100 kg
Magazine Capacity: 58
Muzzle Velocity: ~240 fps
Powered by: Battery
System: Compact AEG
Major Colour: Black

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