Ares Amoeba AM-016 Octa Arms Honey Badger (Tan)

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Ares Amoeba AM-016 Octa Arms Honey Badger (Tan)

The real AAC Honey Badger PDW is an CAR-15 based assault rifle / PDW in caliber .300 AAC Blackout produced by Advanced Armament Corporation, a subsidiary of Freedom Group. The weapon is named after the honey badger.

The Honey Badger was developed with a standard M4 upper and lower receiver, a short barrel with a very short gas impingement system and fast rate of rifling twist, integrated detachable customized suppressor, and a proprietary buffer tube and collapsible stock featuring two prongs. While with the added suppressor it is 3-6 inches longer than the MP5-SD, the weight is nearly identical unloaded.

The rifle is based on the AM-013 Honey Badger M4 design, but has taken it to the next level by taking feedback on the previous build and redesigned it to imrove on every aspect. The AM-16 is an amazing development of the Honey Badger, not only incorporating everything you’d expect from an AR Platform weapon, but incorporating all the features which put them leaps and bounds above other rifles in this price range.

The AM-16 is part of the Ares Amoeba line with a polymer body, stylish extendable stock, a free float hand guard and mock suppressor protruding out the front. It works with the ARES / Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer for ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox so you can set your AEG to burst fire if you prefer. The trigger response is excellent and works best with a LiPO battery.

Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Fully Automatic (Programmable to 3 burst)
Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds High Capactiy (Hi-Cap) with built in magazine pull
More Modern up to date version of the AM-013 Honey Badger
Electronic Gearbox System with Integrated MOSFET
Reprogrammable Fire Select using an ARES EFCS Gearbox Reprogrammer
Rapid Response Electronic Trigger System
Transducer Magnet Controlled Fire Selector Plate
Radial Hop-Up Unit for increased Range and Accuracy
RVTS Rapid Velocity Tuning System Quick Change Spring System
OCTARMS KM-002 13.5” RIS Rail / KeyMod Handguard
KeyMod Rail System and 20mm RIS / RAS for lots of after market Parts and Accessories
Full Length 50cm Top 20mm RIS / RAS Rail for Larger Sights, Scopes and Magnifier Setups
Removable Flip-Up Ironsights
Six Position Adjustable Skeleton Stock
Rear Alloy Sling Loop for Single Point Sling Setups
Ambidextrous Stock Adjustment Button
Extended Magazine Release for easier use with Gloves and in High Adrenaline Situations
Ridged Butt Plate for extra Grip against Rigs and Vests
Mock Charging Handle which reveals the Hop-Up Unit
Mock Forward Assist Button
Extended Battery Compartment for using LiPo Stick Batteries
Amoeba RCS Retractable Compact Stock
Amoba APT Pro Tactical Pistol Grip
Durable High Torque Motor
One Piece Precision Outer Barrel
‘Sheild Crush’ Flash Hider
Nylon Fibre Dust Cover
Compatible with the OCTARMS Accessory Range
Compatible with the AMOEBA Pro Accessories Range

Length: 720mm-820mm
Weight: 2.4400 kg
Magazine Capacity: 300rds
Muzzle Velocity: 300 fps
Powered by: Battery
System: AEG
Major Colour: Tan
Bullet Type: 6mm BB

(Work with ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer) -ARES-E-GP-P01
can select 4 different ways your AEG will fire:

* ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox Programmer is not included with the AEG it is available separately