Lens Protector (Red Dot Scope Cover with Spare Lens)

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Lens Protector Tactical Scope Red Dot (Folding Cover with Spare Lens)

Don’t fancy your precious holo sight getting damaged? This tough perspex guard offers the best security for your valuable red dot sights and scopes. For those of you who own a genuine EO-Tech scope, this protector fits the the real thing in which case you are protecting a VERY EXPENSIVE piece of professional devices.

It was designed for application to any rail system for protection from approaching BBs. Repetitive ballistic tests confirm the shields ability to withstand heavy punishment.

BB bullet proof shield for airsoft rifle scope
Exchangeable 2 color shield
Shield can be flipped up and down
Install on 20mm Weaver or Picatinny rail
Shield color: White and Yellow
Shield thickness: 3mm
Shield dimension: 55mm (H) x 50mm (W)


1 x White Shield

1 x Yellow Shield

1 x solid metal 20mm rail mount

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