Laylax (Prometheus) – Straight Hop Up Packing for Marui AEG – Soft (Blue)

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Laylax (Prometheus) – Straight Hop Up Packing for Marui AEG – Soft (Blue)

This soft type air seal chamber packing / AEG hop-up bucking from LayLax can be used for most precision tightbore inner barrels and hop-up units to provide increase hop-up accuracy, consistency, and overall range. The unique smooth bore design requires a Flat Hop nub to function perfectly as an upgrade when attempting to “Flat Hop” your airsoft AEG. Constructed from an extremely durable soft plastic, these buckings are capable of withstanding the pressure in high powered gearboxes with heavy BBs.


Compatibility: Most AEG Hop-up Units / Matrix & KM Precision Tightbore Inner Barrels
Color: Blue
Soft Type
Increase Hop-up Accuracy and Consistency
Overall Range Increase
Easy to Install
Requires Additional Bridge (Flat Hop Nub) to “Flat Hop” an AEG

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