Agilite Tactical Gear. Gear from the Toughest Place on Earth.

Born on the Israeli battlefield, we manufacture premium quality Equipment & Apparel for SOF worldwide. Agilite is Israel’s leading Tactical, Rescue and Outdoor Gear Manufacturer.   Agilite was founded by Israeli Special Forces veterans who wanted to create more intelligent battle-tested tactical gear.

Born from the need to defend our homeland, Agilite gear is trusted by the world’s finest Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations units and others defending their country, their community or their Family. As Israelis, we’ve always had to innovate to survive and our gear has always had to stay one step ahead of the market and of our enemies. Agilite passes this advantage on to you, whether you’re defending your country, your way of life or your home.

Agilite Equipment is designed, battle-perfected and manufactured in Israel using only the finest materials to ensure, premium quality, durability, comfort and superior functionality for our end users. It gives them an edge that can only be gained from ongoing intelligent, real world, real time combat feedback from special operators in one of the toughest and most complex combat zones on earth.

Agilite Tactical Gear. Gear from the Toughest Place on Earth.

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