ASG MK23 Special Operations SOCOM

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The ASG MK23 Special Operations SOCOM Gas Pistol is a 1:1 Scale ‘Assassins series’. Constructed from Steel (with the metal parts being the trigger, hammer, barrel, magazine release and safety catch) and High Quality ABS, the pistol fires at 320fps with a 28 round magazine. The silencer is not just there for looks either it is a functional barrel extender and when connected it boosts the FPS further by around 20%. This is an awesome piece of kit.

The ASG MK23 Special Operations SOCOM is ASGs copy of the fantastic Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom. This pistol has no blowback, but is quiet and lethal. Ideal as a snipers backup weapon.

The mags work with those utilized in the Tokyo Marui MK23.

The ASG MK23 Special Operations SOCOM Gas handgun and its a monster of a gun virtually as large as a desert eagle. Developed for the Navy Seals, the SOCOM MK23 was developed to stand up to the most severe conditions of the world. This model features a huge 7.5″ Silencer and is super silent and has a inner barrel which adds fps! The size alone demands respect and with the enclosed silencer makes for a formidable Airsoft pistol. It has a standard weaver/picatinny rail for accessories mounting and the fixed Hop-up combined with power secures a very accurate weapon.

This is the ideal sidearm for your concealed tactical deployments. You can cock this gun by pulling the slide or the hammer prior to firing. When you fire the hammer also loads a bb into the chamber. You don’t have to cock the weapon for airsoft however it serves a purpose for snap shooting in difficult situations.

320 fps (approx) with Nuprol 1.0 Gas without Silencer attached

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Velocity 320FPS (Varies due to gas type and temperature)
Blow Back System? No
Major Colour Black
Material Metal & Plastic
Weight (g) 650g
Gearbox N/A Gas Powered
Length 245mm/427mm with suppressor
Barrel Length 130mm
Shooting Mode Semi only
Hop Up Adjustable
Magazine Included? Yes
Magazine Capacity 28 round