Cyma Swat Full Stock (Inc. Battery and Charger – CM041B)


Cyma Swat Full Stock (Inc. Battery and Charger – CM041B)

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Cyma Swat Full Stock (Inc. Battery and Charger – CM041B)

It surprises with incredible quality. The upper and lower of the body are very well matched, there are no clearances. The material that was used for the production of the replica is metal (upper, outer barrel, sights, suppressor, stock – ZnAl). the stock foot and the lower receiver are very precisely made, the material from which they are made is nylon (the same material as used for the production of parts in real weapons). The replica has a removable flame suppressor, and possibility to mount dummy suppressor – 14 mm counterclockwise thread

Inside there is a reinforced ver.2 gearbox, steel gears are mounted on reinforced 7mm bearings.
The spring guide is reinforced (metal) together with the bearing (note: guides v.3 are used), which makes the spring work easier
Polymer piston has metal teeth and the cylinder – type “1” – was covered with black nickel “SMOKED” on the copper substrate providing perfect smoothness of the surface.
A huge advantage is the silent piston and cylinder head set, made of aluminium and covered with a blue anode, the piston head has bearing.
The replica has a powerful engine with increased torque equipped with neodymium magnets.
The way how gearbox is functioning will surprise a user. It is also worth adding that the model is fully compatible with parts and accessories of other manufacturers, which is important for all types of modifications.

Set Includes:

* replica
* mini 8,4V 1200mAh battery
* charger
* magazine Hi cap 200rd
* handle grip

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