Amomax Paddle Holster for CZ 75 SP-01


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Amomax Paddle Holster for CZ 75 SP-01

Amomax is a sub-division of Cytac Holsters who produce real steel weapon holster platforms for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. This is a great SERPA style holster with a rugged design to keep your pistol safe and secure. These holsters lock into the trigger guard of the respective pistol which you can then swiftly release with the sprung paddle on the side. They come with an over-the-waistband paddle attachment as stock but there are other attachments available such as belt clip, MOLLE, and drop leg platform. Paddle and belt clip carry holster on the waistband.

When attending airsoft events, shooters would need MOLLE to carry an airsoft on the tactical vest, or a drop leg platform to carry an airsoft on thigh. Holster body and carrying platform are connected with a tooth gear and a screw. The holster body is 360 degrees rotation. Airsoft players can easily adjust the carrying position.

· Made of durable high-tech polymer materials
· Extreme temperature tolerance

Working: -30℃ to 180℃ Storage: -40℃ to 200℃

· Holster has a quick-release/quick-locking button that allows for quick draw and automatic locking when your gun is re-holstered

· Rotates 360 degrees for every application(i.e. small of back,cross draw) for ultimate versatility
· Adjust the holster cant easily with included Allen key

· Comfortable soft silicone paddle securely fits holster to belt
· Fast and easy draw while still providing great retention

· Can be attached to paddle, belt loop, MOLLE or drop leg platform

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