ASG Accuracy International BB’s 0.43g 1000 White Sniper Ammo


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ASG Accuracy International BB’s 0.43g 1000 White Sniper Ammo

A High-quality heavy-weight Airsoft BB, ideal for snipers.

The quality is comparable to the Blaster brand BB’s, but in a convenient dispenser bottle.

These BB’s comes sorted from the manufacturer to guarantee consistent size and shape ensuring long-range accuracy.

Thanks to the unique production and postproduction procedure, the BB pellets define themselves with great performance, accuracy and repeatability of the placed shots. The completely controlled production process guaranties the BB pellet’s perfect roundness without any joins or flaws. The lack of air compartments inside the BB pellets and the well placed center of mass influence extremely well the repeatability of shots. Their perfectly smooth and double polished surface area, the ideal roundness and low tolerance of the dimensions enhance the cooperation with the hop-up systems.

Weight: 0.43 g
Color: WHITE
1000 pcs. Dispenser bottle.

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