ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 M95 AEG (Battleship Grey) 2020 Revision


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ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 M95 AEG (Battleship Grey)

Updated Electronics for 2020.

Now fitted with T plug/ Deans as standard.

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible.

Like a real gun, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and require activation of the bolt catch after a reloaded magazine has been inserted.

The compact size makes it perfect for CQB as well as outdoor skirmishing with impressive range and accuracy which belies its short barrel length. As if the Evo wasn’t compact enough, it has and adjustable length folding stock for machine pistol like size which makes it perfect as a backup rifle for snipers.

Where the standard in Airsoft is to replicate the exterior in appearance only, the EVO 3 is built to be as tough as the real thing. The internals have been purpose built to deliver advanced functions by using custom electronics, while having the strength necessary to handle both powerful springs and high-speed solutions.

  • New ECU board
  • With T-Plug (Deans) Connectors
  • New designed gearbox
  • Easy velocity change
  • Electronically controlled gearbox
  • Empty magazine detection
  • 4-position fire selector with genuine 3-shot burst
  • LiPo born
  • ULTIMATE basic motor
  • CNC machined parts
  • Made in Europe


Length: 623/425mm/inch
Width: 58 mm
Barrel length: 208mm/inch
Mag. Capacity: 75 rounds
Hop Up Type: Adjustable
Velocity: 320 fps
Weight: 2400gr
Energy: 0.95 Joule


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