DE M56DL Tri-Shot Tactical Airsoft Shotgun

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Double Eagle – L128A1 – Tri-Shot Tactical Airsoft Shotgun (M56DL).

The L128A1 Combat shotgun is utilized by the British army for CQB and point tasks, a 12 gauge shotgun with a 7 +1 storage capacity, the Combat shotgun provides an operator ravaging firepower at near medium variety. A variety of ammo can be used from buckshot through to slug rounds, enabling flexibility under fire. Perfect for point duties. The L128A1 is supplied to the British Army by Benelli, It is likewise known beyond military circles as the M4 Super90.

The L128A1 features a Mil-spec 20mm picatiny mount on the top of the reciever, which is generally combined with an Eotech dot sight. To the rear is a three position adjustable however stock. Iron sights at the front complete the bundle.

The DE M56DL duplicates a number of these features in airsoft form, It is a PUMP ACTION airsoft shotgun fitted with the Tri-shot mechanism. Each time the M56 is pumped, the action is primed and 3 BB’s are fired. These feed up from the magazine well where a “magazine shell” is packed. Each Magazine shell looks much like a 12 guage shotgun catridge, However in truth it is a spring loaded magazine with a storage capacity of 18 BB’s. This offers the M56DL an ability of 6 shots per “magazine shell”.

These shotguns are great, 3 shot per pull of the trigger, ideal for CQB or as a backup for your AEG. This tactical shotgun has a 4 position adjustable stock and a leading rail for mounting optics.
These shotguns can be relatively stiff to cock as they do utilise an heavy duty spring, Strong ABS main body, metal cocking tube inner and outer barrel and sling hook these weapons are of terrific quality.

Like most airsoft shotguns, they can not be slam fired (cocking while keeping the trigger pulled) as it will harm the gun.

Fire Modes. Safe + Single Shot.
Velocity. 320 FPS
Hop Up. Fixed.
Length. 885-1005mm.
Weight. 1800g.
Main Construction. Polymers + Metal.
RIS System. Leading Rail.
Sights. Fixed.
Power Source. Spring.
Inner Barrel. 3 Barrel.
Magazine. 1 x reloadable dummy shell – holds 30BB (10 x 3 shots).
Stock Type. Adjustable 4 Position.
Accessories Included. Shell + Manual + Speed loader.

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