Double Eagle M4 RIS AEG with M203 Grenade Launcher (Black – M813)


Double Eagle M4 RIS AEG with M203 Grenade Launcher (Black – M813)

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Double Eagle M4 RIS AEG with M203 Grenade Launcher (Black – M813)

Double Eagle M813 – M4 “Grenadier” + M203 Tri Shot Launcher

Take your airsoft gaming to the next level with the M813, a “Grenadier” version of the M4A1! Not only is it a full size, 1:1 replica of a M4A1, which gives you a 250xBB high capacity clock work magazine, with full auto fire settings, But it also gives you a TRI-SHOT M203 launcher! This DOES NOT fire a grenade, But instead hurls 3xBB’s down on your target, each time you pump the grip and pull the trigger! allowing for stealth kills as it makes far less noise, Or if you need to take out multiple targets with one shot.

The Genuine Full size V.2 Airsoft Electric Gear Box, means it is an upgrade from the older M83 model, with a bigger motor for enhanced durability and performance. The M4 “Grenadier” also comes with a detachable rear adjustable stock, So you can turn it into a smaller profile when you are going to hit a CQB battle, The shorter profile allows you to move in confined spaces and still bring your BB’s to bear on the enemy without getting tangled up in doorways.

Included in the kit is a 8.4V rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery and a charger, This fits in a hatch under the Triple RIS Rail. You can mount all manner of things to these RIS Rails. The carry handle is also removable (Don’t loose those screws!) in case you want to go all out special forces style with a scope or red dot (not included)

– Fully Automatic and Semi automatic fire modes for the M4A1

– Plastic Body

– Internal Plastic V.2 Gearbox

– Integral Spring powered Tri Shot Launcher : Comes with a shell and will fire 3 bbs in one go

– Shell contains 30 BB’s giving you 10 shots of the Tri Shot Launcher

– High Capacity 250 BB Clockwork magazine

– Tested Up to 300 Fps with a 0.20g BB at 25 degrees

– Tested Up to 320 fps with the tri-shot launcher with a 0.20g BB at 25 degrees.

For Best results and longevity please do not fire more that 30 shots on fully automatic at a time, make sure the battery is fully charged before use. Don’t forget to wind up the clock work mechanism, only use HIGH QUALITY BB’s, do not re-use BB’s. Always observe all safety precautions and WEAR EYE PROTECTION at all times.

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