G&G Combat Machine CM16 MOD0 carbine – tan


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Built on G&G’s NEW CM design it encorporates all the features and reliability we have come to expect from the combat machine range. The two notable brand-new feature are the inclusion of a working charging handle that will enable a much easier access to your hop up in addition to a gorgeous weapon metal grey bolt cover that truly does include a little bit of extra appeal to your rifle.

G&G’s airsoft variation of a civilian specialist type rifle (featuring furnishings extremely similar to a particular US maker of RS parts) comes full with a folding back and removable front sight. Pre-installed single point sling installing point and plenty of rail space make for an excellent and extremely versatile rifle. This AEG is wired to the front, giving fast simple access to the battery compartment. Being a G&G Combat Machine these AEG’s are light weight, basic to maintain, extremely dependable and exceptionally cost reliable.

Combat Machine replicas are defined by greatest quality in both looks and operation and additionally in the use of quality materials made in the production process. The primary aspect enabling the lower of the price is the use of a polymer receiver instead of that made from metal. The receiver is made from polymer enhanced fiberglass– like a handgun grip, front guard, stock and all parts made from polymer. The external barrel, stock pipeline, tactical sling mounting points and most smaller elements are made from metal.

The replica is equipped with GOS-V2 telescopic stock which has built-in storage and QD type sling installing points. The stock can be controlled in order to fulfill user choices and developed. The set includes iron sights with flip-up type rear sight.

CM16 MOD 0 is fitted with 22mm RIS mounting rails on top of the receiver and front hand guard and 3 additional rails for installation anywhere on the front guard. This complete conversion enables setup of various extra devices, consisting tactical lights and front grips or laser sights. The battery is kept inside of the front hand guard.

The replica features 450 bb’s steel hi-cap magazine.

Inside there is v. 2 gearbox with 8mm bearings which produces muzzle velocity of ~ 325 FPS straightly out of the box. This is the strengthened version with higher muzzle speed. In addition of 330mm long inner barrel it is ideal for medium range engagements. Inside of the gearbox there is an air-tight pneumatic system complete with high quality hop-up chamber and bucking.

Warning: The set does not consist of battery or a battery charger.

The set consists of:



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