GHK MK16 URG-I 10.3 inch GBBR

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The GHK MK16 URG-I 10.3″ GBBR  is a faithful replica of a rifle that resulted from a United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC, no more “SOCOM”) contract project.

The MK16 features the URGI which stands for Upper Receiver Group Improved is the latest platform used by special operations forces in the United States in maybe different capacities and roles being built upon the GHK system you will be thrilled to know that this rifle will perform exceptionally. GHK is renowned for its high gas efficiency and incredible FSP consistency. Besides being a hands-down performer, the rifle is also built to last and be more than capable.




  • Length: 715mm~800mm
  • Inner barrel: 265mm
  • Weight: 2780g ( with mag )
  • Bullet: 6mm
  • Capacity: 36rounds
  • Muzzle Speed: Approx 330fps with 0.2g bb
  • Power source : Green Gas


GHK M4 GBBR Gas Magazine

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