HFC M9 NBB Green-Gas Pistol with Rail

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This is a great little sidearm at an absolute bargain price. A reproduction of the 9mm pistol (M9) this is a superbly well constructed weapon with an excellent comfort feel and remarkably accurate and powerful shot. Due to the fact that this is NON blowback, this weapon is extremely gas-efficient allowing more shots than a blowback pistol would from a single fill of green gas.

Internally this weapon is mainly metal, with the exception of the hop unit – making it a very dependable weapon for use in skirmishes. In regards to externals this weapon is great quality, made from a strong polymer for light weight and strength.

This weapon can be used either double action or single action – meaning you can cock the hammer down by hand, or let it cock itself when pulling the trigger, this is ideal for skirmishes as you can have the weapon cocked and ready to shoot with the safety on in your holster and then quickly draw it and take the safety off, when you pertain to shoot your first trigger pull will be unbelievably simple with almost no resistance – when using it as a “repeater” and just shooting several times to shoot, it will feel a little heavier as you have actually the added resistance of pulling the hammer too.


– 23 Round Magazine
– Good Quality Build
– Double Action OR Single Action
– 320 FPS (Gas dependant)
– Full Working Safety

Extra Mags – HFC M9 Gas Magazine available HERE

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