Nuprol 1600mah 8.4v NiMH Stick AK Type


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Ultra High Power Airsoft Battery made for the most demanding applications where top performance is essential.

This will work with any type of AEG that has the conventional mini Tamiya connector. This is an excellent battery to give you confidence that your gun will keep on firing all day long.

As with all batteries, please charge carefully, i.e. do not leave charging overnight, and make use of a high quality charger.


High Power NiMH Airsoft Battery
8.4 volt 1600mAh Ni-MH battery
Mini Tamiya connection
Size: 18 x 203mm

– Use manufacturer recommended battery charger
– Never pierce or break the battery pack
– Never disassemble the battery pack
– Never expose to open flames or heat source
– Never place in microwave or any heat generating appliances
– Battery pack should be used under the following conditions for a full life expectancy
– Use in unfavourable conditions may cause battery to overheat, catch fire or explode

Charge Cycle: 0°C~40°C / Discharge Cycle: 0°C~50°C
Storage Cycle: 30 Days – 20°C~40°C / 90 Days – 20°C~30°C

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