Nuprol Clear View Anti-Fog Spray


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Anti mist/fog spray for airsoft goggles and glasses to stop fogging throughout play. In a 100ml pump spray bottle.

Created to offer maximum view for long periods of time during games, the anti-misting provides clear vision at all times: it can make or break a game. Our Airsoft Anti-Mist provides a long-last coating, it minimizes glare, washes, and also stops the attachment of dust and dirt to glasses, visors or lenses.

Nuprol Clear View is a specifically formulated anti fog spray for usage with different kinds of lenses. As soon as applied it will leave a thin film of defense stopping condensation from fogging up the lenses. Nuprol Clear View is also an anti bacterial spray that eliminates germs and preserves a clean surface.

Instructions of use:

Spray onto a microfiber cloth. Clean over lens surface area and eliminate any excess liquid but leave a thin invisible film.


– prevents misting and fogging
– anti bacterial
– protects lenses
– safe for practically all types of eyewear