Zoptek Elite ZTK30M4: Operator Reflex Sight

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Zoptek Elite ZTK30M4: Operator Reflex Sight

The Zoptek Elite ZTK30M4: Operator Reflex Green/Red Dot Sight is housed in a tough metal case and powered by 3 AG13 batteries (included in the set) and allows the user to use either a green or red dot throughout both day and night operations. The aimpoint can be smoothly regulated vertically and horizontally. It features a number of brightness options. Installed on a conventional 22mm RIS rail, the sight enables quick and accurate aiming.

Prior to being presented to the marketplace, every product undergoes a series of tests. The  Operator reflex sight is a fantastic product for users that look for a high quality item at an affordable price.

The set consists of:

– Operator reflex sight

– Flip-up covers

– User’s manual

– Cleaning fabric

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