SHS 9″ 40mm MOSCART Grenade Launcher

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SHS 9″ MOSCART green gas powered grenade launcher

Gas Grenade launcher, developed to hold shells made to shower your enemies with a barrage of high speed BB’s! The launcher is of a medium size, meaning it is excellent for all rifles. The launcher is constructed fully from Alloy, and has a security switch. To load the launcher the metal tube slides forward and grenades are positioned in from behind the tube, with the rear button shooting the shell.

Perfect for those Airsofters who wish to have the look of a Grenadier soldier, or possibly those gamers who wish to offer the enemy team something to stress about!

The grenade launcher is made entirely of metal. The durable build quality and simple construction allow for a trouble-free operation. The grenade launcher uses 40mm ASG grenades which fire up to 120 BB pellets in a single blast.

The push-through safety prevents from an accidental discharge, the trigger is equipped with simple adjustment.

Length: 235mm
Weight: 570g
Made of: metal
Color: black

Full alloy construction
Will fit most Airsoft rifles
Operated by push button
Tube button locked
Safety button

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