Tippmann Airsoft M4 Carbine HPA Rifle V2


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Tippmann Airsoft M4 Carbine HPA Rifle V2


Tippmann is an American company with over 35 years experience and renowned worldwide amongst paintballers for their top quality guns and accessories. Finally they have put their knowledge of quality paintball guns and HPA systems to use in the Airsoft arena – this is a completely new quality of airsoft guns powered by compressed air – no batteries required!

The Tippmann Airsoft M4 Carbine HPA Rifle brings Tippmann’s legendary performance, warranty and service into the airsoft battlefield. Key features include the Tippmann proven inline bolt system, adaptable air system (CO2 or HPA), performance adjustability and an authentic M4/AR style.

The M4 Carbine features a realistic flip-top break down design like a true M4 and is compatible with many actual real steel M4/AR components including a rear stock, front shroud and M-LOK Rail System.

The M4 Carbine body is made of high quality aircraft aluminum. The stock, pistol grip and front R.I.S are formed from durable polymer composite. The front is entirely modular so you can easily modify the settings of the rails.

Tippmann Airsoft Rifle CO2 or HPA Powered

The Tippmann Airsoft M4 Carbine HPA Rifle has an awesome gas blowback (GBB) system, which significantly increases the level of realism of the game and can be powered by standard 12g CO2 capsules by using the optional magazine or directly by a HPA system for ultimate flexibility.

In the first method of power the CO2 bulb is installed directly in a special magazine. When inserting the magazine into the gun the bulb is punctured, which supplies gas directly into the system. Each mag change requires a new CO2 bulb and reaches a muzzle velocity of 300fps.

The second method of power is switching to use HPA, simply follow the instructions provided and all the necessary components are supplied by the Tippmann in the box. After that the user can enjoy all the advantages of real HPA – you just need a tank and a line and with this method you can use standard AEG magazines!

Rate of fire depends on the power settings and ranges from 8 to 20 BBs per second!

Tippmann Airsoft M4 Carbine Details:

Multiple Gas Input – CO2 Cartridges or Remote Line Adapter
Gas Blow Back – Realistic Recoil/Kick
Full Metal (Aluminum) Receiver, Barrel Assembly and Stock Tube – Breaks Down Like Real M4
Adjustable rate of fire – 8-15- RPS
Adjustable Hop-up Bucking
No Batteries
Firing Modes: Safe/Semi/Full-Auto
Adjustable Front and Rear Flip Up Sights
Front and Rear Sling Mounts
Anti-Jam Technology
Low Maintenance – No Gear Box
Easy Disassembly
Tool Less Mag Disassembly
Full Length Top Pic Rail
Modular Foregrip – M-LOK
Glass Filled Nylon grip
Optics Ready with Flip Up Sights
Adjustable 5 Position Stock
Accepts many real AR stocks and handguards
Works with many AEG mags when remote line system is used
Remote line adapter included
Accepts industry standard AEG inner barrel
Threaded Flash Suppressor (M14x1.0 CCW)

Manufacturer: Tippmann
Build Materials:Metal & Polymer
Shooting modes: Semi & Full Auto
Power: Approx. 340 FPS
Mag Capacity: 80 Round mid-cap (but any standard M4 mags can be used when running on air)
System: H.P.A or CO2
Hop-up: Fully Adjustable

What you will need: 1x Remote Line (Tippmann Remote Line or the Valken Remote Line) and a Tippmann air tank (not SLP). The gun plugs into the line, which then goes into the air tank of your choice.

NOTE: This gun is designed to take 800 PSI input pressure. SLP (regulator) tanks cannot be used. Use a standard paintball style system with this rifle.

Tippmann Airsoft HPA Remote Coil Slide Check + QD

Tippmann HPA Tank Aluminium 48ci 3K

Tippmann HPA Tank Aluminium 13ci 3K

Tippmann Tactical M4 Carbine mid-cap Co2 magazine

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