Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Combat Master Stainless GBB Pistol



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Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Combat Master Stainless GBB Pistol £149.99 £139.99

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Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Combat Master Stainless GBB Pistol

Detonics are an American-based company noted for their compact 1911 design pistols. Tokyo Marui’s latest blowback pistol gives a nod of appreciation to their work, with this nice replica of the Detonics .45 compact pistol.

With the all new stainless paint finishing, it enhanced the overall appearance of the gun, making it look much more like metal. The controls remain the same as a standard M1911, except with a smaller frame, shorter barrel and shorter sight radius. If you are into a concealable 1911, this is the one for you with the reliable Marui adjustable hop up system.

  • Features
  • – Stainless Steel Silver Finish
  • – D type piston cup adoption: Equipped with a dedicated blow back housing. From the palm-sized body, you can taste the new feeling recoil shock.
  • – Pursuit of internal realism: It adopts cone shaped outer barrel produced by Detonics and dual recoil spring using two springs.
  • – Improved operability: Rubber-coated housing with anti-slip effect, as well as a chamfered magazine inlet for easy magazine change was reproduced.
  • – Hard plated parts: Trigger, hammer and outer barrel are beautiful finish adopting hard plating with excellent scratch resistance.
  • – Metal Notch Spacer: Metal parts on the inside of slide catch the burden when sliding open, prevent slide stop and notch part from being scraped or damaged.
  • – Die-cast magazine included: 18 round magazines with hard chrome plating attached.


  • Length: 178 mm
  • Weight: 0.6340 kg
  • Magazine Capacity: 18
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300 fps
  • Powered by: Gas
  • System: GBB
  • Major Colour: Silver
  • Bullet Type: 6mm BB


WARNING! Use only low-pressure gas 144a. Using standard Green Gas can damage the replica mechanism. Nuprol 1.0 Low Power Gas is recommended.