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Compact Carry Gas Gun Series Tokyo Marui LCP NBB Pistol

The smallest and thinnest class hand gun in pursuit of concealed carry

A compact carry pistol that is popular in the handgun market. Among them, the 9mm caliber “LCP” is a compact, slim and lightweight model among handguns of this class, as the name “lightweight (L), compact (C), pistol (P)” suggests.

Tokyo Marui has a lineup of this LCP as the first in the “Compact Carry Gas Gun” series of fixed slide gas guns. Due to the simplicity of its structure and functions, it is a gas gun that can be easily used.

Major features

  • Reproduce the slim silhouette

    Reproduce the small and slim silhouette and simple details unique to LCP.

  • Fire just by pulling the trigger

    If you inject gas and set a magazine containing BB bullets, you can shoot BB bullets just by pulling the trigger. (Double action)

  • Outstanding flight distance

    Equipped with a hop-up system that adds rotation to the bullets it fires. It is possible to shoot BB bullets far away with less power.

  • Excellent quietness

    The mechanism that suppresses the operating noise and eliminates all waste is ideal not only for survival games but also for shooting in pursuit of speed and accuracy.

  • Internal mechanism using metal parts

    Strength is ensured by using metal parts for the internal mechanism. In addition, the weight is also increased, and you can enjoy a heavy feeling despite its small size.

  • Die-cast magazine

    Comes with a die-cast magazine that has 10 bullets and is resistant to cold.


– 1 Tokyo Marui Ruger LCP Compact Carry Gas Gun
– 1 Spare magazine (10 bbs)
– 1 Safety cap
– 1 User manual
– 1 Tokyo Marui BBs bag (0.20g/100 bbs)

WARNING! Use only low-pressure gas 144a. Using standard Green Gas can damage the replica mechanism. Nuprol 1.0 Low Power Gas is recommended.

Tokyo Marui LCP NBB Pistol Spare Magazine

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