Tokyo Marui M45A1 Black GBB Pistol

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Tokyo Marui M45A1 Black GBB Pistol

In the beginning of 2000, the US Marine Corps adopted a new hand gun that replaces the MEU pistol. That is the Colt Company’s “M45A1 CQB Pistol”.

Each part is machined with custom guns pursuing accuracy of hitting, a new rail integrated frame and a characteristic laminated grip of G10 material, and a wider spaced serration for the slide. Moreover, it is a model suitable as a successor of the MEU pistol, such as finishing the majority of exterior with tan color.

In the gas blowback “M45A1 CQB pistol”, upgrading of the internal mechanism was also carried out while adhering to the characteristic appearance and the reproducibility of texture. Compared with the conventional gas blowback and governance model, it realized enhanced recoil shock and improved stability of operation.

Major Features –

Novak’s official approval die-cast rear site: You can experience the high practicality of the Novak site, which is said to be the treasure of the tactical site.
G10 type grip: A characteristic laminated grip is reproduced by special printing.
Equipped with under rail: For under rail integrated with frame, flash light etc. corresponding to Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed.
Upgrade of internal mechanism: Improvement of recoil shock with gas consumption equivalent to conventional governance model by improvement of blow back engine. In addition, by adopting the new type short recoil system, the stability of operation is improved.
Metal Notch Spacer: Metal parts on the inside of slide catch the burden when sliding open, prevent slide stop and notch part from being scraped or damaged.
Die Cast Magazine: 27 magazines are attached and a thin die-cast magazine that is resistant to cold is attached.

Details –

– Full Length – 222 mm

– Inner Barrel Length – 113 mm

– Weight – 823 g (when empty magazine is installed)

– Ammo Type – 6 mm BB (0.2 to 0.25 g)

– Power Source – Dedicated gas (* 1)

– Ammo Capacity – 27 + 1 departure (when one is loaded in the main body)

– Model Name – M45A1 Black

Package Contents –

M45A1 main body, magazine (number of bullets 27), protective cap, handling instructions / instructions, bushing wrench, cleaning rod, other

Reel Steel History

As its name suggests, Colt’s M1911A1, which was adopted by the US military system in 1911, is now finding its position on M92F. However, in the special forces, we have a strong confidence in “.45 caliber” which invalidates the target with one shot, which has led to trust in M1911A1.

M1911A1, including the US Marine Corps MEU pistol and M45A1 CQB pistol, is held in the hands of professionals as they are customized each time. It has been spotlighted again in recent years due to the development of body armor.The 45 caliber hand gun has been adopted at the forefront even 100 years after development.

WARNING! Use only low-pressure gas 144a. Using standard Green Gas can damage the replica mechanism. Nuprol 1.0 Low Power Gas is recommended.

Tokyo Marui M1911A1 Government Magazine (Chrome Stainless)

Tokyo Marui – M1911A1 Spare Magazine (26rnd) (Black)

Tokyo Marui MEU Spare Magazine (28rds) (Silver)

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