Tokyo Marui P90 Plus FET




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Tokyo Marui P90 Plus FET

The revised design of this weapon by Tokyo Marui includes additional technical features to improve the playing experience.

The first electric gun in the “P-90 Plus” series, which is compatible with MS Li-Po batteries and has the FET circuit “PLUS system,” is already on the market!
During semi-automatic fire, the uniquely designed PLUS system (= FET circuit) achieves great safety and improved trigger response. The electric gun has been upgraded to a model with a greater level of operability based on the electric gun standard type P-90 series model.


equipped with a switch that combines a mechanical and a FET element. The response time from pulling the trigger to discharging the BB bullet is enhanced, and the current loss caused at the contact is decreased as compared to a mechanical switch. The switch part’s durability has also been increased.

Amazing Black Finish – The receiver is painted with a matte black paint that reduces shine. It now has a heavier-feeling finish and more texture.

Realistic Selector Mechanism – You can change the firing mode without shifting your stance by using the finger that pulls the trigger to operate the selector as it is. Pulling the trigger will also allow you to convert between semi-auto and full auto if the selector is in the full auto position.

Compatible with a Variety of Muzzle alternatives – By removing the new aluminium flash hider, you may install muzzle alternatives including silencers with the most common thread size for airsoft guns, a 14mm reverse screw standard (CCW).

The “PLUS system” was created, in which a microcomputer (MCU, or microcontroller unit), monitors and regulates motors, batteries, and FETs all at once. It is a system that not only regulates the motor’s rotation but also ensures safety by detecting damage and irregularities in various parts and ceasing operation.

Replicate unique design – It may be broken down into three parts: the gearbox portion covered by a grip-integrated stock, the sight receiver and unitized barrel, and the magazine. replicating the takedown in its entirety.

Three mounting rails are included on the sight receiver’s triple mounting rail system. Dot sights and flashlights with 20mm wide picatinny or RIS mounting rails are examples of optional components that can be installed.

Realistic Transparent Magazine – Included is a realistic transparent magazine that contains 68 bullets and 5.7mm x 28 dummy cartridges.