Tokyo Marui PM5A4 NEXT-GEN Recoil AEG



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Tokyo Marui PM5A4 NEXT-GEN Recoil AEG £569.99 £529.99

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Tokyo Marui PM5A4 NEXT-GEN Recoil AEG
£569.99 £529.99
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Tokyo Marui PM5A4 NEXT-GEN Recoil AEG

Introducing the long awaited Tokyo Marui Recoil PM5A4

Tokyo Marui’s Recoil range of AEG’s are considered to be the very best rifles on the market today. Every time you fire the rifle you’ll feel a short snap of the weapons simulated recoil engine. When the magazine is empty the rifle will stop firing to simulate the lack of rounds in the chamber and when you insert a fresh magazine the bolt catch must be applied to continue firing. This creates one of the most realistic functioning AEG’s on the market today. The range and accuracy of these guns is also renowned for being the best out of the box.

With this release TM have introduced enhancements to the NGRS line which they call the M-System or the Magnetical Fire-Control System.

With the M-System, the PM5A4 NGRS is the most “electronic” amongst the NGRS with a MOSFET, brake system, 3-round burst, sleep mode, auto-stop and system check mode.


● Shoot & Recoil Engine : The PM5A4 “recoil shock” system provides a recoil and imitates the bolt movement every shots using a 300g weight. The air gun is equipped with a system that stops the shooting once the magazine is empty. Once a fresh magazine (with BBs in) is reloaded, the operator will need to cock the cocking handle in order to be able to shoot again, increasing reality and functions of the replica.

● 3 Rounds Burst Mode : The PM5A4 can be shot in semi auto, full auto and now in 3 rounds burst. The selector is ambidextrous and goes through the gearbox. The selector is smooth and the click is positive.

● FET : The FET switch replaces the traditional mechanical trigger switch providing better trigger response.

● M-SYSTEM : Tokyo Marui newly developed the “M-SYSTEM” which is composed of a microcomputer (MCU = microcontroller unit) that monitors and controls the FET, FC (Fire Control), the battery and motor. It not only monitors information or voltage with its 7 sensors and various voltages to switch the shooting mode and control the rotation of the motor, but it also has a safety which detects damages or malfunctions and will refrain the PM5A5 from shooting in this case.

● Realistic Externals : Lots of parts like the upper receiver are made out from metal and painting with realistic powder paint. The hand guard, the lower receiver, the butt stock, the cocking lever and the selector are now nylon fiber, very close to the material used of the real gun.

● Reinforced Parts : The cocking handle is now made in reinforced nylon fiber allowing the operator to do the famous “HK slap” in order to reload the PM5A5. The retractable stock mechanism has been renewed for better reliability and realism.

● Adjustable Rear Sights : The drum rear sight is adjustable in height by turning the drum to select the different sight apertures and in height using a plus driver.

● Stamped steel magazine : A 72 rounds stamped steel magazine is included


– 1 Tokyo Marui PM5A5 Next Gen
– 1 Standard magazine (72 rds)
– 1 Safety cap
– 1 Sight adjustment tool
– 1 User manual
– 1 BB loader tube
– 1 Cleaning rod

01/09/2021: Spare magazines are in very limited supply and we can currently only offer 1 to customers who purchase the rifle from us:

Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS Recoil 2021