Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 Pump Action Shotgun


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The Tokyo Marui Spring SPAS12 Shotgun, perfect for ANY Urban/CQB sites due to it’s lightweight, compact design, decent power and range

Shooting 3 BBs at a time, the SPAS-12 is your weapon of mass destruction. This is made primarily out of plastic with a metal outer barrel and pump guide. Each shell holds 30 BBs. This gun has 3 individual chambers and 3 individual inner barrels to pack quite a wallop. Gun holds 1 shell at a time and loads in the belly section just in front of the trigger. Comes with 1 shell.

This fires at about 280fps.

Built Material-ABS
System-Pump Action
Package includes ( Gun, Manual, BBs )
Fires 3 rounds at a time.
10 shots from 1 magazine



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