Tokyo Marui TM45/FNX-45 Tactical Silencer Flat Dark Earth


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Tokyo Marui TM45/FNX-45 Tactical Silencer Flat Dark Earth

16mm positive screw muzzle compatible, lightweight aluminum silencer less likely to interfere with operating performance

  • Special silencer urethane adopted: The internal urethane material absorbs the sound and reduces the noise. It prevents the identification of the launch position and enables stealth action.
  • Metal body and strength UP: A lightweight and robust aluminum outer case is adopted.
  • Easy installation just screwing in: It can be installed on the 16mm positive screw specification muzzle

Length – 123 mm

Weight – 594g

Because all brands have different dimensions we can only confirm this to be a 100% fit for the Tokyo Marui Guns listed below unless specifically stated otherwise.

Confirmed To Fit –

Tokyo Marui – HK45 Gas BlowBack Pistol Series (With Parts From the Tactical)

Tokyo Marui – HK45 Tactical Gas BlowBack Pistol Series

Tokyo Marui – FNX-45 Gas BlowBack Pistol Series

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