TRMR E1 X4 – Aureus Gold Impact Airsoft Grenade (BFG)


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TRMR E1 X4 – Aureus Gold Impact Airsoft Grenade (BFG)

The fastest reloadable airsoft impact grenade available with the unique ‘twist to arm safety system’ (T.T.A.S.).

The T.T.A.S. system is the safest, quickest to use mechanism on the market.

No pins or levers are needed (which can easily be lost) – totally self contained, reusable mechanism machined from Mil-Spec aerospace quality aluminium and stainless-steel.


· New firing movement which offers improved performance to the shooting pin permitting the device to operate from an elevation of 30cm instead of 50cm.

· New tri-lock bearing safety system that completely secures the firing pin till the twist to arm system is moved to within 2mm of the full arm setting.

· New stainless-steel base cap with profiled pin hole to help multi-shot base use.

· Better mid body texturing to improve grasp and reloading speed.

· New duel ejection base openings to assist removal of empty shells.

The TRMR has the brand-new X4 base which allows 4 different calibres of munitions to be used – .209 primers, 9MM blanks, 8MM blanks 12 gauge and the new Magflash rounds which means it boasts the most universal base on the market.

System/ Modern technology:

The T.R.M.R. is an ergonomically made reloadable gadget that makes use of a twist to equip inertia recoil firing system. This allow for secure, fast reloading of the gadget without the need for bars and pins as used on standard hand released tools.

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